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At the Downton Studio, I offer a variety of services to help improve your health and physical wellbeing.  Pilates apparatus such as the 'Reformer', is used to help you recover from a sports/physical activity injury, improve your posture, increase your muscle tone and general fitness. My unique studio also provides additional services such as Sports Therapy and Massage, Injury Taping, General Remedial Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy and Personal Training. 

The majority of my time at the Downton Studio is spent correcting everyday aches and pains.  Most of these conditions are caused by a sedentary lifestyle or an occupation which requires a seated position for long hours and very restricted movements.  Over time this creates deficiencies in your whole body movement and is especially detrimental to your posture.  Poor posture often leads to secondary injuries throughout the body. Try not to 'put up' with pain for long periods of time, often this needs attention immediately as it could be the start of something worse. For example, a tight, achy neck or shoulder left untreated could result in a serious condition such as 'frozen shoulder' which can take up to 18 months to rehabilitate.

This advice extends to recent or acute injuries attained during physical activity.  For example, if you experience a sudden cracking, ache or pain during a walk or run, then you will require treatment on this area as soon as possible.  Even if you can still walk or continue the physical activity immediately after the injury, the damage has already been done and I would advise you to have an assessment of the injured area as soon as possible.  Some conditions take longer to manifest such as tennis elbow, swimmers shoulder or walkers/runners knee.  These injuries tend to build up over time and then suddenly become apparent and will often cause you to stop and rest.  Again, please see me as soon as you can for an assessment as left untreated, could take typically 12 months to rehabilitate.  

If you are not sure about your injury or condition, please call me to discuss the situation further on 07530 625700.

I always aim to get you back up and 'running' as quickly as possible within a few treatments, but occasionally, conditions will require ongoing treatment due to your lifestyle or occupation.  I can't perform miracles but I do try !  Very often, exercise is the key to your recovery and I will advise you which exercises would be most beneficial.

Since the recent Covid-19 events, I am relieved to be able to provide these close contact services to you again.  However, inline with our industry guidelines, it is adviseable to wear a face covering &/or visor when attending these appointments.  Additional hand sanitiser, gloves, and tissue is available for you to stay safe and keep contact with any items to a minimum.  Please consider wearing suitable clothing for related injury. For example, sports shorts are best when I am treating any leg conditions, not tight jeans !

I only ever have one client in the studio at a time unless there is a parent and child attending or members of the same household.

Appointments are generally 50 minutes long and there is plenty of free parking available.

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Services at Downton Studio

Group exercise classes are run from the Lover Studio every morning, therefore any Sports Therapy & Massage, 1:1 Pilates, Personal Training or Rehabilitation Training is available from 12pm onwards most days.  Please contact me on 07530 625700 / 01725 511799 or email to book an appointment.  For more information about the services available please click on the button below.


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