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About HIIT Classes

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it a generic term to describe an exercise class which uses a range of bodyweight exercises with a work interval and rest interval. These classes tend to last between 30-40 minutes including a warm up and stretch at the end.

Good for burning calories when you don't have a lot of time.  

​Classes are fun and hard work ! 

​Typical calories burned: 500

These classes are primarily designed to help people increase their fitness and muscle tone/strength using body weight exercises. In general everyone can attend this class, except those who are suffering with any orthopaedic condition or injury. 

I love teaching Hcore Lean, it's a great way of developing your fitness without putting too much strain on your joints and generally is a shorter class so you get the work done quicker !  

Although HIIT means 'high intensity interval training' this doesn't mean the exercises have to be high impact (which can be damaging to joints).  The routines I use, are adapted for everyone to enjoy working out with limited time.  The routines normally last approximately 30 mins including a warm and cool down/stretch, so they are very time saving - NO EXCUSES !!

Cost: £8 per class (or free to monthly members)

Location: Lover Studio

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HIIT Routine to try at home:


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