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About HIIT Classes

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is a generic term to describe an exercise class which uses a range of bodyweight exercises with a work interval and rest interval. These classes tend to last between 30-40 minutes including a warm up and stretch at the end. 

Sometimes we use dumbbells or kettlebells for an extra calorie burn and other times we will use just our bodyweight.  Either option still creates a lot of sweat.

I tend to adapt my Hiit classes so that are low impact but high intensity.  This means that I limit the amount of jumping we do and this is especially so if you have or are currently suffering from any joint injuries.  The great thing about our Hiit classes is that anyone can join in because there are always alternatives to each exercise.  For example, if you have a shoulder injury you might perform press up type exercises with your knees down and only do a very shallow press or you may do this exercise upright against the wall. This is alternative to the traditional press up exercise of on your toes and hands on the floor and only allowing your chest to descend towards the floor.  Some people may choose to add a pushoff to this exercise and add a clap inbetween the press up...it just depends what level you want to work at.  I find having these different options allows everyone to develop strength at a consistent rate with minimal injury.

Good for burning calories when you don't have a lot of time.  

​Classes are fun and hard work ! 

​Typical calories burned: 500-1000

These classes are primarily designed to help people increase their fitness and muscle tone/strength using body weight exercises. In general everyone can attend this class, except those who are suffering with any orthopaedic condition or injury. 

I love teaching Hcore Lean, it's a great way of developing your fitness without putting too much strain on your joints and generally is a shorter class so you get the work done quicker !  

Cost: £8 per class (or free to monthly members)

Location: Lover Studio / online Zoom real time and recorded for catch up.

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HIIT Routine to try at home:


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