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I first got introduced to Kettlercise in 2012, and after being quite sceptical about it, I can honestly say I was stunned at how effective it is at changing your body.  Since 2013 I have been teaching Kettlercise classes, through pregnancy and afterwards and they are so much fun !

We have a great time getting fit and burning calories in these classes. Everyone who tries Kettlercise realises how effective it is at getting you fitter and stronger very quickly. Kettlebell training has been proven to improve your fitness, strength, and flexibility and most of all, you burn calories when you are not in class ! The after effects of resistance training with a kettlebell helps you to keep burning calories at rest because of the lean muscle tissue you develop and this helps you lose fat !

We start with a 5-10 mins warm up and specific kettlebell dynamic stretch; then perform approximately 37 exercises (sometimes less depending on the programme) using the kettlebell. The exercises tend to alternate between swings, legs, arms, and full body to help improve your stamina and help the flow of the class. We finish with a static stretch and cool down lasting 5-10 minutes. Some routines are harder than others. As a new starter I recommend using a light kettlebell of 2kg or 4kg for women and 6kg for men or even try without one and just do the exercises.

I play really upbeat music during the class to help keep you motivated (and distracted a little!) and before you know it, the class is finished. ​

I take pride in delivering a quality experience and guide you through the exercises using my knowledge and experience.​

Almost anyone can try this class but please be careful if you have an existing injury to let me know first so that I may help you and provide alternative exercises.

Be warned, you will suffer muscle ache and soreness after this class ! ​

Unfortunately, these classes are not suitable for most women in pregnancy or those who have recently undergone surgery. A letter from your doctor or medical specialist will be required if you suffer with any heart trouble, spine or orthopaedic condition, or any other serious illness which are you currently recovering from, such as cancer related.

Cost: £8 per class (or free to monthly members)

Location: Lover Studio

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