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It's great to have you here at the Lover Studio! At this studio, we lead various classes to improve health and help with recovery following various injuries. Continue to read more about the sessions which take place here at this studio and be sure to come along and join. 

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Services at Lover Studio


Here at our Lover Studio, we offer a variety of fitness classes to help improve your health. 

The majority of the classes run from 9:15am in the morning until 11:15am.  There is a Tuesday evening Pilates class at 6:30pm and Kettlebells on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.  Unfortunately due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are only able to have 6 participants at a time so these classes get full very quickly.

The ethos with our classes is to aim to get you moving in a safe and effective way and introduce you to physical activities that you may normally shy away from.  My principles are based on getting you confident to perform resistance training and cardiovascular exercise to your best ability to develop stength and flexibility and support your body best when you are out of our class environment.  

At Lover I teach Mat Work Pilates to give you relief from back pain and general aches, build your core strength to help improve your posture and condition your body to reduce the effects of getting older and reduce the risk of injuries from other activities.  Pilates focuses on improving flexibility which is essential in order to prolong your physical movement and also to minimise the risk of injuries.  I utilise the theory and fundamental principles from Joseph Pilates' teachings in the other exercise classes.  It is also an extremely useful discipline to help develop good lung capacity and fitness due to the breathing techniques that I teach and these principles can be transferred to any other physical activity you enjoy performing and will help you improve in this activity.

Every morning at 9:15am (Monday to Friday) we start with a fitness session.  Mondays and Wednesdays is a Kettlercise Class, Tuesdays and Thursdays is a running club and Fridays is a Hiit class.  These may seem a bit full on and scary but really, they are just different exercise modalities for helping to keep us strong and fit. 

The Kettlercise classes whilst using a resistance weight known as a Kettlebell, help develop essential core strength, muscular endurance and strength, and increased lung capacity and fitness.  It is a fantastic way of getting stronger without having to 'pump iron' at the gym or use machines.  The classes also help improve balance, flexibility, general body confidence and especially muscle tone.  There is no competition element involved, although plenty of opportunity for self-improvement.  Some participants prefer to stick with the same weight of Kettlebell, whilst others like to vary the weight to see quicker changes.  Whatever your fitness goal is, Kettlercise will always help you achieve it and it is safe and effective for most people.  Please see the Kettlercise page for more information.

I decided to start up a running club as it is just one of those activities that most people say they don't like to do, but wish they could why not try..!  Running or jogging is a great way of helping to improve your fitness which again is especially important in these times.  In this class, we do a warm up and mobility stretch, a jog/run and a cool down and stretch afterwards.  I make you aware of the most common injury risks and then we aim to avoid them ! I use my knowledge of Sports Therapy, Pilates and rehabilitation and fitness to help you improve your running stride, breathing and generally become more confident to get out and do this for yourself.  It is great in a group because you can chat and distract yourself from the effects of running and is very sociable, which is a great thing in these strange isolating times.

On Fridays we have a Hiit (high intensity interval training) class, which is a fancy term for a fitness class that involves performing lots of different exercise movements back to back, sometimes with a break (interval) and sometimes without ! This class works on developing fitness and muscular endurance because your body is having to perform movements and exercises that require a lot of energy output.  This does not mean that it is high risk or high impact, it is another way of helping your body change and become fitter and stronger.  Sometimes, we use resistance weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells to increase the intensity but not the impact.  This class is challenging but achieveable and again is suitable for most people.

After the Hiit class on Fridays, we have a Sports Therapy Session which involves using self-massage teachniques with a foam roller and sometimes with a tennis ball, then a deep stretch using bands or sticks.  I teach best practice methods based on my knowledge and training in Sports Conditioning, Therapy and Massage.  This class is really great at helping release any tight muscles, and really good for reducing muscle soreness due to the effects of exercise.  The methods used in this class form part of my rehabilitation advice to soft tissue therapy clients and a great way of prolonging your athletic performance.  Most of all, I find this class is a great stress-buster !

As we are restricted on numbers inside the studio at Lover, most of these classes are performed outside in the lovely playground area where we can safely exercise with others at a social distance.  Therefore, weather permitting, we may need to revert to a online Zoom class should it be too wet to go outside.  The running club however will continue even in the rain ! 

Please see the class timetable page at the top of this webpage for further information. 


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