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About Personal/Small Group Training

For clients wanting a personal touch to their fitness plan or requiring specialist training such as during or after pregnancy, any medical or orthopaedic conditions.  Sessions take place at the Lover or Downton Studios, or your home address. Also available for small groups.

With our personal training service, you receive a one to one session based on your needs and goals.  We offer a free consultation to discuss what you want to achieve and then a fitness and body composition assessment takes place to establish a starting point. This includes a body statistic analysis, measurements of your waist and hips etc, and a fitness assessment which allows me to understand your current strength and fitness levels, which is optional but highly recommended.  Thereafter, we use these baseline figures to show you the changes that are taking place in your body over the weeks and months.  You also receive a Nutrition and Exercise Guide.  This tells you what you should be eating and when, what exercise to do and how frequently. 

As a personal training client, you get to come to all the classes for free.

Cost: £50 per hour | £180 for 4 sessions | £225 for 5 sessions | £450 for 10 sessions | £600 for 15 sessions

Location: Lover / Downton Studio

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