Reformer & Apparatus Pilates


About Reformer & Apparatus Pilates

The most essential type of exercise for anyone wanting to improve their pilates technique and gain a better understanding and application of pilates exercises.  It is also the starting point for anyone interested in learning pilates for the first time as it develops your skills very quickly and an appreciation of the exercise is acquired.  However, the most popular use of this style of exercise is to assist in the rehabilitation of anyone suffering from back pain or spinal injury, those currently looking to acquire their fitness and core strength and have a chronic joint or muscular condition and also very useful for recently new Mums.

Essentially, reformer pilates is for everyone ! 

Given the recent events with Covid-19, I prefer to work with 1 or 2 clients per session. This will help you to develop a greater understanding and technique of the Pilates exercises. This is a wonderful, bright and elegant space to allow you time to focus on yourself and enjoy practising the fantastic exercises.  I guide you through the exercises and you will experience movement like no other before. Combining low intensity with precision, you get a unique combination of a relaxing and stimulating exercise workout.
I would encourage anyone who has not had the pleasure of experiencing Reformer Pilates, to book in a weekend retreat to learn the fundamentals and reform your body and mind. Our sessions run throughout the week and are available to IAM Fitness members. Please see our Timetable and Membership details for further information.


Cost: Varies - See Downton Studio 

Location: Downton Studio



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