Rehab And Stretching For Hip And Lower Back


About Rehab And Stretching For Hip And Lower Back

The lumbopelvichip complex (LPHC) is an area which normally presents with conditions such as lower back pain and hip ache or pain. Here are some exercises to help relieve any condition you may be suffering with.

I strongly recommend that you see me for treatment whether this is an acute or chronic condition that you are suffering with.  Back pain can originate from other areas of the body and lower back pain is associated with stress and deconditioned core muscles and is typical in men.  Women, tend to have pain and discomfort around the upper back, shoulders and neck sometimes due to stress, poor posture, and deconditioned core.  These conditions are relatively straightforward to treat however, a longer term prescription is normally regular exercise with the emphasis on core strengthening and posture correction such as Pilates.

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